Fryktelig Støy – Disappointment CD


1. Philomela
2. Hope
3. Cassandra
4. Judith
5. Joan
6. Boudica
7. Bé Chuma
8. Magdalene


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Em Støy, the multi-instrumentalist behind Fryktelig Støy (Norwegian: ‘Horrible Noise’), has released her debut long play, ‘Disappointment.’

The album is a bleak confrontation of violence and betrayal, told through famous female muses in a first-person narrative.

The ‘Disappointment’ album is mournful, scornful, grim, heavy, swinging on a back beat, bleak and defiant – black metal that goes deeper with repeat listening.
released January 29, 2023

Em Støy: Guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals, mixing, photos, layout, lyrics and music.
Dav Byrne: Mixing assistance and mastering.
Mike Khrysaor: Logo.

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