Graveir – Iconostasis MC + Metal Pin

1. In Wraith… A Bullet 03:56
2. Wolf Halo 03:18
3. Cauchemar 03:14
4. Agonistes/Ekstasis 03:59
5. Grave Temple 03:24
6. Throne of One Thousand Rats 04:41
7. Festering Might to Transcend 03:48
8. Quintessence of the Dawn Geist 03:35
9. Codex Haruspex 03:28
10. Perpetual Zero 05:29


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Rebirthed once again out of the swirling murk and mire of Brisbane, Australia, we celebrate almost six years of Graveir’s debut album, “Iconostasis” with a first time ever presentation on pro-tape format. Ten bleak hymns of madness and sorrow, omens and tales of an inhumanity that is all too human. Since 2014, Graveir’s baneful black metal has hallowed the sweltering heat in which they reside, forging their craft through this burning into what has become an almost cabalic force of dirge and gloom.

Brilliant Emperor presents “Iconostasis” on pro-tape, limited to 50 copies on four different shell colours. Each tape includes a Graveir logo metal pin. “Thy feast is famine; Thy words are wounds”

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