Mantis and Shadow – The Rites of Eleusis MC


1.Saturn 05:18
2.Jupiter 04:24
3.Mars 08:51
4.Sol 03:43
5.Venus 05:32
6.Mercury 04:58
7.Luna 04:34
8.Jupiter (early version) 06:39
9.Caxton Hall 1910 04:27


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The melancholic Rites of Eleusis embraces solitude in the deep void of the cosmos, unravelling music as mysterious and fascinating as the ether at large with reference to British occultist Aleister Crowley’s writings. The album contains 9 songs that were inspired by secret recordings that have never been released anywhere before.

Composed, produced and mastered by Shaun Elstob
Additional guitar on Saturn: David Elstob
Design & Layout: Orko Productions

‘Every now and then an album comes along that blindsides you, leaving you emotionally reeling.Written as a personal response to the texts of a series of seven public invocations by British occultist Aleister Crowley, this is a slow, somber and heartfelt album. The linear notes also explain that ‘This album is an expression of my love for my wife (who died in 2020) and the overwhelming grief I experience on a daily basis. This is for you Viveka’ and that really comes across in the music – this is haunting and melancholic neo-classical dark ambient, perfect for reflecting on your own life and the lives of family and friends.’

-This is Darkness(Dark Ambient Webzine)

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