Irönwitch – Irönwitch CD


1. Releasing The Butcherous
2. Crushing Faith
3. Dethroner
4. Irönwitch
5. Spitfire
6.Never Began
7.Beater of Gods
8. Torn Beyond Belief
9. Street Lethal (Racer X)


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“Forged and refined in the blistering crucible of Brisbane, Australia, Irönwitch emerge in 2024 a formidable juggernaut in the realm of blackened thrash and death metal, unleashing their eponymous debut album on 08/03/2024.

Immersing yourself in the maelstrom is akin to standing amidst the crossfire of an unyielding barrage of intense riffage. Chaotic sonic echoes of axemancy resound from the stygian depths, summoned forth from the vortex of the void, reinforced by an artillerous drum battery and cataclysmic subsonic convulsions— all invoked through infernal cantations spit with an aversive furor.

Irönwitch serves as the conduit for the malevolent machinations and colossal might emanating from a hellspawned war engine, unleashing a musical tempest that captivates and consumes in its ferocious embrace.”

Muz – Aversive Cantations
Dalton – Axemancer
Pete – Battery
Sam – Chaotic Rhythmic Clanking

Recorded and Mixed by Brendan Auld at Black Blood Audio
Mastered by Arthur Rizk
Album Art by Jenglot Hitam


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