Mental Cavity – Neuro Siege MC

1. Infiltrators
2. Neuro Siege
3. Subjected To Irritants
4. Searing Wire
5. Writhe
6. Spoiled
7. Artificial Integration
8. Dismantled
9. Corroded
10. Eradicate & Replace
11. Terra Immundus


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Mental Cavity, the four-piece cross-genre metal enthusiasts from Canberra, Australia return with their second full length album, Neuro Siege. After the release of 2017’s, Aneurysm, Mental Cavity have continued to grow and push further out of the shadow of their slumbering musical-brethren I Exist. Neuro Siege sees Mental Cavity continue to explore the possibilities of smashing abrasive speed-driven Death Metal riffing, together with tar-laden Sludge passages and a clear tip of the hat to bands such as Autopsy, Tragedy, Morbid Angel and Crowbar. Working once again with producer Mike Deslandes (YLVA, Pagan, Tropical Fuck Storm) to achieve absolute tonal chaos, Neuro Siege was recorded in remote rural New South Wales to fully immerse the band in the riff and produce the finest collection of riffs to thump your eardrums to.

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