Vishal Naidu – Fragments Of Serenity MC


1.Memories Of A Forgotten Past 04:14
2.Whisper Of Trees 04:38
3.Petrichor (Acoustic) 03:18
4.Distant Lands (ft. Thurnin) 05:04
5.Enchanted Creek 04:54
6.Ode To Nocturnal Woods 03:30
7.Untravelled 03:45
8.In Her Disarray I (Fragmented) 03:40
9.In Her Disarray II (Healing) 03:31


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Vishal Naidu, who will attract the attention of atmospheric neo-folk lovers like Empyrium, Vali, Neun Welten, etc, invokes us with 9 songs that journey through nature, romance and deep loneliness

Composers – Vishal Naidu (all songs), Aditya Ramesh (Enchanted Creek, In Her Disarray II (Healing)), Thurnin (Distant Lands).
Mixed by Vishal Naidu, Mohit Bagur (Distant Lands) –
Mastered by Joshua Mallik
Layout & Design: Orko Productions

Orko Productions is delighted to reveal Vishal Naidu!
This amazing artist greets us with an extraordinary neofolk endeavour from the lands of Ancient India. A quintessential album for those who love Empyrium, Vali, Neun Welten and similar artists. The magic of Vishal Naidu radiates through sumptuous guitar parts, natural effects and magnificent unique compositions and this exemplary work truly sits in a class by itself. There are 10 songs in total on the album (1 extra song will reach you as a bonus track on the cassette).

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