Spells Ov Torment – Unholy MC


1 – Lucifer Demands
2 – Unholy Victory
3 – Battalions Ov Blasphemy (feat. Hellgoat)
4 – Wretched Whore
5 – The Devils Feast
6 – Satan Reigns


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Australia’s Spells Ov Torment burst forth from the infernal gates with a rampaging old school black metal attack. Infernal duo The Agitator and Drugoth conjure forth vile incantations, curses and ill omens spurred on by buzzsaw riffs, raw percussive battery and retching vocal filth. Debut record “Unholy” delivers 6 fist-pumping anthems to the dark lord that thump with a reckless energy capable of shaking the heavens themselves.

For fans of: Venom, Bathory, Craft

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