The Plague – Within Death LP

1. Mind eraser 03:46
2. Torment the living 02:28
3. Spawn of monstrosity 01:20
4. Effigy of the rotten 03:41
5. Hand of greed 03:29
6. Drones 03:36
7. Slave to addiction 03:26
8. Dismal solitude 04:01
9. Within death 03:12
10. Festering in sickness 04:29


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“The Plague hail from Sydney, Australia and there must be something in the water down under, because they rumble with HM-2 glory like their Earth Rot brethren from the opposite coast. Thick, thick riffs are on display for almost all 33 minutes of the band’s debut, making Within Death an easily repeatable beatdown” ANGRYMETALGUY.COM

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