Ashen – Godless Oath CD


1. Godless Oath 04:06
2. Mass Cremation 03:06
3. Ruins 03:30
4. Asphyxiant 03:58
5. Inferno 03:32


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When members of Aussie underground heroes Vespers Descent, Darkenium, Chaos Divine, Burial Ground, and Nexus conspire to brutalize more death metal maniacs, they do so in budding crushers Ashen. Formed pre-COVID in the far-flung city of Perth, Ashen merge the Swedish and American styles into a cohesive beast, one that uses the HM-2 sound and crushes it with a melange of monstrous Floridian and New York paradigms. This is modern-day death metal infused with the spirit of death metal pre-1992″ – DECIBEL MAGAZINE

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