Orbyssmal – Execration MC


1. Segment
2. Eraser
3. 0hmlecure
4. Paralysaer
5. Theomboais
6. Aeonmin
7. Swel
8. Ecchelhedrion ( Feat Trevor Strnad)
9. Enraptuured


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Evolved from the humid grounds of Brisbane Australia, Orbyssmal blends the essence of black noise, death metal and dark noise to craft a sound purposely designed to induce nightmares by using disorientated sounds to break under your skin and crawl through you while forcing a pitch black abyss of pain, hate and complete terror.ORBYSSMAL’S latest offering EXECRATION is as brutal as it gets.

These professionally manufactured cassettes include J-card, clear front with black back case, black cassette with pad prints each side.

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