Reaper – Viridian Inferno MC


1. Shadow Of The Crucifix 02:59
2. Satanic Panic 02:33
3. Taste The Blood 03:06
4. Drop Of The Blade 04:00
5. The Reaper 02:46
6. Nothing Left To Waste 02:53
7. Decay 03:06
8. Sentinels Of Heresy 02:56
9. Mass Grave 03:10
10. Internal Torment 03:05


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BE028 Reaper “Viridian Inferno” Pro-tape + metal pin.
Pro-tape with full colour j-card and pad-printed shells. Includes metal Reaper pin.
Limited to 55 copies.

Hailing from the wildlands of Melbourne comes REAPER, four speed-freaks hellbent on exhuming the first-wave graves of the masters in primitive metal, punk, and thrash: Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Bathory, Discharge, Venom, Warfare, and Sacrilege. Since the release of their sold-out self-titled demo in 2017 and subsequent LP reissue in 2019, REAPER have kept up an almost-relentless show schedule, including many Australian, New Zealand, European and festival appearances, as well as support slots for Aura Noir, Mortiis, Blasphemy, Dark Funeral, Vomitor, Immolation, Stalker and more.
Having recently made their full-length debut with “Viridian Inferno” under the auspices of Dying Victims Productions, 2022’s end see’s an ultra limited cassette treatment of the album via Brilliant Emperor Records. Beware the nightmare’s sound! “Viridian Inferno” contains ten savage tracks of their hyper-aggressive hybrid of ‘80s hellhammering speedmetalpunk. There’s no escape from the REAPER: “Viridian Inferno” is coming for outsider minds, headbangers, and metal maniacs of the apocalypse! The ultimate price you’ll pay, and your bones will pave the way.

Recorded & Mixed April 2021 by Jason PC at Goatsound Recording Studio.
Mastered by Patrick Engel at Temple of Disharmony Studios.
Cover design by Apocalyptic Nuke.
Insert art by Kator.
Insert photo by Matthew Abbott.
Band photography by Bad Teeth Zine.
All songs written and performed by REAPER.

R.T – Bass
S.S – Vocals
A.R – Guitars
M.R – Drums

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